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"The Countless Aspects of Beauty" at the Chios Mastic Museum
On the occasion of the major exhibition "The Countless Aspects of Beauty" of the National Archaeological Museum (NAM) which has been presented since May 2018 in the venues of the Museum's touring exhibitions, a smaller version with the same title, presenting antiquities from the top museum of the country, was designed in collaboration with the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) to tour its thematic museums.
Field visit to Lesvos (Agia Paraskevi, Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production), Chios (Mastichochoria - Olympi and Mastiha Museum) 19/01 / 2019-24 / 01/2019

The field visit to Lesvos and Chios was aimed at observing, interviewing and collecting data on portable gadget applications and kinesthetic interactive facilities in museums.

Meeting at the Aegean University in Syros 18-19 / 04/2019

The project meeting in Syros took place at the end of month 9 of the project. The subject of the meeting was to review the progress of the project so far and to present the results to be delivered so far, and the timing of future actions with emphasis on the next semester.

Field visit to Tinos (Tower, Marble Museum) 16/11/2018 - 18/11/2019

The field visit to the Tinos Tower and the Marble Craft Museum aimed at observing, interviewing and collecting data on the portable gaming application and the kinesthetic interactive installation in the museum.

Kickoff meeting 19/10/2018 in Athens, Attica - The Box Athens, Mavili Square

The inaugural meeting of the Museum Place Project took place in Athens on October 19, 2018 with the participation of all the actors. The project presented and discussed the project as a whole, both managerial and (in particular) in terms of its physical object, per work package and deliverable, and detailed planning of the actions of the next semester.